Just Do It

No time like the present
Image by Gia Oris

We're live! Welcome to v2.0 of my portfolio site, built with Gatsby. There's still work to be done, design concepts to tweak, rough edges to refine, but I'm ignoring all the reasons to wait. I've gone ahead and hit publish. (Thanks, Netlify, for making it so easy.)

Getting started's always the hardest part—when it's not for my job, anyway. At work, when there's a hard deadline, when money and reputation are on the line, I'm opening VSCode or Word or Powerpoint as soon as I have a to-do. But at home? When there's a Netflix series to finish first? When the only one I'm accountable to is me? When there's always plenty of time to tackle something later? Forget about it.

So, let's push all that aside this time. We can make the site better as we go, like a house we're fixing up and sleeping in at the same time.

And in that spirit, maybe it'd be good to put together a little punch list right here and now:

  • Figcaptions for non-banner images in blog posts
  • Back-button link in blog posts
  • Tags for blog posts
  • Pagination for blog posts (five posts per page seems good?)
  • A better look on larger screens (too much whitespace at the moment)
  • Smoother transition animations between pages with React Spring?
  • Get some notes from a few folks with an actual eye for design
  • Give the site another once-over for accessibility
  • Put together ReadMe

That's a good start! And now, if anyone's reading this, I've got another set of eyes over my shoulder, to get me moving.

Let's go!